Friday, February 11, 2011

New Dining Space!

We have gotten so much done around here lately!  Hence, the lack of posts....
First update I have is from the dining room.
We got back from Florida and I decided to post our old dining room table on Craigslist to be sold.  I literally posted it on New Year's Eve in the late afternoon.  As Jeff and I were on our way out to dinner that night I got a call from someone saying it's as good as sold and she'll be over in the morning to check it ou/ pick it up.
Wowza!  The table was fully functional, just not ideally sized for the space.  It was rectangular and just took up too big of a footprint. 
Here's the before:

I'd like to note that the chairs (not including the bench) are the chairs that I grew up eating meals at home on.  My parents had these chairs my whole life.  My Mom gave them to me when I graduated college along with this table.  Getting rid of them was bittersweet.

The table was well centered on the french doors leading out to the back porch, but just took up too much space.  We don't really have regular need to seat 6 people.
The new table and chairs seats 4 regularly, 6 with the leaf in.  Plus we can seat 2 at the kitchen island.

The new table was given to me by Mom.  See the pattern?  I was thinking about building custom legs to make it counter height but it turns out that is a tall order!!!  After not finding any counter height chairs that I really loved at a price that I could feel good about I decided to go for the legs that came with the table.  Mom and I went chair hunting after I returned the cheapo counter stools that I bought the night before as a trial.  We ended up finding chairs that I LOVE!  And even found 2 of the four on clearance for less than half price.  While we were looking through the half price stuff we found two counter stools that were the same style and color also on clearance!!  Can you say LUCKY DAY!!??
Here are the photos of the after....

Much more size appropriate.  The chairs are SO comfortable.  Even though I really thought I wanted a counter height table, I am not disappointed in the least.  I still have the stools at the (interim) island, and we may decide to put a pub table in the now finished basement... more on that tomorrow!

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  1. I love the new table and chairs!! Your kitchen looks gigantic by the way. Can't wait to see you