Sunday, February 5, 2012

2011 recap

The year 2011.
Celebrated my first year of marriage with my wonderful husband.
Built a pond on our property.
Husband and I both took on new roles at work.
Started Clayton into his senior year of high school.
Bought a boat.
Bought another boat.
Sold the first boat.
Lost my engagement ring.  (Sunk it in Kentucky Lake)
Celebrated the legal union of one of my uncle's and his partner.
Ran a 4 mile race.  Longest distance I had done yet.
Lost a very special piece of our family.  Rest peacefully Austin Nau.
Cheered Clayton and friend on while they ran the Men's Health Urbanathalon.
Tried to grow our family in the traditional sense. 
Had surgery to aid in above.
Initiated fertility treatment.
Braved the failure of said treatment.
Revisted our options...again.
Decided to begin the licensing process for foster parenting.
And so the story begins...


  1. Very nice article. Look forward to reading your next article in 2013.

  2. Hello? Can we say updates sometime soon?

    - Fellow Bostonian

  3. You're depriving your reader of one of your inspirational updates. We are halfway from 2013. Perhaps one more in 2012?