Friday, November 12, 2010

Before and After- China Hutch

Over the summer I bought a sad looking china hutch from none other than CRAIGSLIST!!! 
Solid Maple= score!
Excellent Condition= arguable, but score!
I knew that I was going to be painting whatever I bought so I didn't really care if it needed a little love.  I also knew that I didn't want to spend alot of money especially if the piece was going to require some work. 
Here is the before pic....
I ask that you notice the awesome gold etching on the glass.  Who doesn't love some sweet gold criss crosses??!!  This girl that's who.  Needless to say those went bye-bye.  Easy as scraping off with a flat razor.  Next, I went over the whole thing with some sand paper to rough it up.  Then a coat of Killz primer followed by a coat of country white to freshen up the look.  I switched out the sad, dated hardware and re-hung the glass doors and VOILA!
A new to me hutch for the dining area!

Paint- $15
Hardware= $12
Total= $107

I'm cool with spending a hundred bucks on something that I am really happy with.  The whole project took a few hours to do.  Well worth it in my opinion!


  1. i like the wine rack on top. a very classy touch. haha
    looks awesome. nicely done!

  2. WOW! You did an awesome job!! This looks amazing!! I never would have guessed it was the same piece. It looks brand new! Very "Pottery Barn"!

  3. Love it--fabulous job Mrs. Ledbetter