Friday, November 19, 2010

The Headboard

You remember the headboard project right? 
Well you simply must click here to get all caught up.
Ok, now that you are familiar let's talk results!
These are not final results because I have yet to pick the perfect wedding pic to get a giant black and white print of so that I can frame it and hang it about the headboard, but it is in place.  At the head of the bed.  In the bedroom.  On the right track...

So here are the almost finished pictures....

The (hopefully) last bedroom project will be refinishing the side tables.  They are currently a dark stain and I'm really loving the white trim with the chocolate walls so I may do 'em up in some kind of white.  We'll see!

Additionally, we are finishing up the walls and doors for the laundry room.  I'll share pics as soon as there are full walls not just studs in place. 

What are you dong this weekend?  (Other than preparing for Thanksgiving feasting)

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