Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Barns, Tractors, and Dozers! Oh My!

You see, this is why it is called the homestead.  This is the view from my back deck.  That's alot of grass... I can say that because I do the mowing. 
See that big red thing in the right corner?  That's our BARN.  Yeah, we have a barn.  Until 4 years ago I never knew that having a barn was ever going to be in the cards for me. 
the barn.  OUR barn.
In addition to the barn, we own acres.  Yes, plural.  And there are tons of things that you can do with acres of space.  Plant a garden, check.  Plant an orchard, check.  Plant a berry patch, check.  Pretty simple little things there.  But then there are things like build a lake, own a tractor or two, own a dozer, horses, build a saw mill.  All of these things are either in process (the lake) or done (the rest) thanks to Hubby dearest.  He knows no boundaries.
That's him and his second love, his dozer.  He's really good and knocking trees down with it (good thing) and getting stuck (bad thing).  It's a work in process.

Dozer, in all it's glory.
So, I don't think she's all that nice looking, so I tried to take some pictures of it at funky angles and what not to make it a bit more glamorous.  Yup, I'm like the only girl in the county that longs for a glamorous dozer.  Hey, if I have to have a dozer in my pasture why not make it glam?

funky angle #1

funky angle # 2
 Look at those teeth!

This picture was taken after a long day of work knocking down trees and what not.  That's the hubs, his bud Paul and brother.  Serious stuff, this dozin' biznass.

Before we ever had Debbie Dozer (Jeff will kill me for naming it Debbie) we had a humble little vintage tractor.  "Vintage" is a nice way of saying old as dirt.  He had to have it for mowing the pasture.  I kind of like to look at it, but drive it/ operate it??  No way. 

You know I had to do a gratuitous post on the equipment that makes our world, er yard stay in working order.  Why?  Because all of the aforementioned pieces of metal occupy my husband's time.  Without them I would probably see him at least twice as much. 
But then he wouldn't come in the house singing "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" by Kenny Chesney as often as he does.  And that would be downright sad.

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