Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inspiration Board- Simple Charm

Project= basement
Timeline= Infinity
We are not technically/ officially starting the basement project.  We have one (more important) financial goal to fulfill before we start this.  I am just really excited/ ready to have a FANTASTIC (!) basement. 
I put together my first ever inspiration board as an outlet for all of my, "Wouldn't it be great if we did this!?", moments.

So, allow me to elaborate.... (don't mind if I do)

1.  This is the style of doors that I aim to install through out the entire house.  Simple charm.  That's the theme.  I think these doors fit the bill.  Classic 6 panel primed white.
2.  Inspiration for the furniture to put in the 4th bedroom/ home office.  Clean lines.  Classic white will be a nice contrast against the floors.  (more detail on those under #12.)
3.  Built in bookshelves and media storage.  We'll also be sinking a panel for mounting and wiring the tv and sound.
4.  I love these faux wood blinds!  I just hung some in the kitchen and they are really easy to work with and easy to clean!  My favorite thing about them is they mimic the look of plantation shutters at a fraction of the cost and no need to special order!  The white keeps the room bright while blocking out the blazing sun... it's like magic!
5.  The decor theme in the family room portion of the basement will be subtle Harley Davidson.  I love their vintage tin signs.  I'll DIY some throw pillows for the sofa and there you have it subtle Harley decor.
6.  Speaking of Vintage Harley tin signs... this is a picture of the first one that I ever acquired.  I picked it up while we were visiting the HD museum last year.
7.  The only other room in the basement other than the family room and 4th bedroom is the laundry room.  We want to have space available to install and toilet and sink at least so stackable washer and dryer would allow for that.  I love the pewter color of these.  So chic!  hmmmm.... chic and laundry, really Bek?
8.  This is almost identical to the sectional that we currently have the family room.  It's ok.  I don't hate it enough to replace so I'm guessing it will stay for the time being.
9.  I love the look of this piece.  I'd try to find something a tad larger so it could be used as a coffee table.  I'd make the legs a distressed black and let the top remain distressed wood.  l.o.v.e.
10.  I'm thinking something in this family of shades for wall color.  I think white trim against this color will look really sharp and the color will help to warm the basement and feel homey. 
11.  We currently have an old wood burner downstairs.  It's really great in the cold months.  The crackling of the fire and the heat pouring out of there.  It's dreamy!  But I hate the way that it looks.  It's small and old and not at all charming.  Wouldn't this just be lovely!?  Plenty of light, but it's an insert so it is more efficient than a regular firebox style.  That white mantle is gorge!  Which reminds me that I still need to post the headboard reveal....
12.  Here are the floors.  Magnificent.  We saw these in Home Depot a few months back.  There is no gluing or nailing involved in installing this floor.  The edges are almost like magnets, but not, and they just overlap to create a snug, secure fit.  No worries about continuing this floor into the bathroom/ laundry room.  It's WATERPROOF!  Check it out here.
13.  Finally, a utility sink that doesn't look like a utility sink.  Remember how I told you space was tight in the laundry/ bathroom?  Well how great to have a utility sink that you can also wash your hands in and not feel like you were washing your hands in a plastic rubbermaid tub?  I know, right.  SO great.

So I dream big.  I mentioned alot of DIYing in the above list of hopes and wishes.  So I'll contribute to the completion of all of this.  Right now it is concreteville, USA.  It's livable but it's not enviable. 

P.S.  Don't tell hubs that I already have this all planned out.  I told him we would arm wrestle for each choice that we had to make and if he won he could have it his way.  What I didn't tell him was that he has to have his arms tied behind his back for said arm wrestling matches.  You know what that means.... I WIN!!!!  Yay for me!

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