Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My doggy has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R

We all regularly sing to/ talk to and otherwise ogle the fabulous OSCAR.  I regularly thank him for being so stinkin' cute.  Can you blame me?
Seriously.  Look. At. That. Face.
Even big tough guy Jeff loves the bits outta this little guy.  He'll never admit it, but I know it.  Ya know how I know it?

They are both smiling.  I know it and you know it. 
Let me tell you how cool this dog is.  He snores, little cute snores.  He loves like nothing else.  He likes to ride motorcycles, tractors, dozers, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, etc.  Anything that has a motor, he wants to ride.  You don't believe me?  See for yourself...

He rides that way through wheelies, bumps, high speeds, low speeds...  He's one tough dude!
Additionally, he tolerates more ridicule and joking than any other being should ever have to tolerate.  You try having a justifiable nickname of 'weiner' around these boys... sometimes I wonder if he might run away after some of the joke parades Jeff has.
He's tough.  And we sure love him for it.  His face makes me giddy.  Best. Dog. Ever.
One last Oscar indulgence... for now.


  1. shoulda made an honorable mention for all the other dogs you've been through

  2. He is tough. He bullied Cutler around and he was just an inth of his size!!!