Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was rich with family, love and food!
Saturday we went to C’s cross country meet.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  Bright blue skies, crisp air, crazy teenagers...

Hubby and I rode the motorcycle to the meet and then went for a nice long ride after the meet (more on that below). 
C’s old cross country coach told him earlier this season that X-country just isn’t his bag.  He waivers between seething mad at the old guy and laughing it off, using his words as motivation.  Me too.  I give the boy a lot of credit for volunteering to run 3 miles everyday.  C’mon I wish I would stay consistent and run even 3 miles a week! 

This year his girlfriend (whom he met during track season) decided that she would run cross country with him.  That’s dedication!  Mostly because she HATES running.  So not only do we have C volunteering to run X-country as a means to get in shape for wrestling season (which starts 11/8/10- it’s gonna be GREAT!!!) but we also have this girl volunteering to do something she is not crazy about as a means to support and spend time with her young man!  What a gal!  I love that! 
Anyway, this meet was huge, most of them are, but this one seems bigger to me than the others.  Look at how beautiful the day was!

Both the kids did a great job.  Girlfriend K didn’t come in last as she always predicts.  And C had a nice push towards the end.  Proud mama!

Once the meet was done J and I hopped on the scooter and headed up the river.  Destination: restaurant on the river for a relaxing dinner.  Not naming names because the food was a new kind of HORRENDOUS!   We got to said restaurant, played some bags while we waited for food, but quickly quit because the boxes were seriously way too far apart!  When the food came we were ready!  Some ribeye steaks, sweet potatoe fries and a salad.  The fact that the lettuce was beige should have been an indicator as to how the rest of the meal was going to be…  I tried to cut into the steak and quickly tried to flag down our waitress to ask for a portable reciprocating saw.  The steak knife wasn’t gonna work.  She was nowhere to be found.  I figure maybe I just got caught on some of the fat or something.  Cue plate spin and take 2.  Finally got through the meat only to find that it was 3 shades of purple and gray.  No pink.  No brown.  Purple and gray.  I about lost it right there.  I asked J if his was all nasty looking and with a bite in his mouth looked down at his and just nodded yes.  Ok, that’s it.  I can’t do this.  I’m not an order it then complain about it kinda gal but this was TERRIBLE!  I wouldn’t feed this to the obnoxious raccons that live in our woods.  This. Was. Bad.  Waitress finally came back to check on us and was mortified at what was on our plates.  She charged us for our drinks and we were outta there!
On a nicer note, check out these awesome pictures from the ride home that evening!  So lovely.  Yes, motorcycle and lovely can go together.  Just like glamorous and dozer.  (Read why that works here.)

This weekend I have 2 birthday parties, 1 of which I am decorating and doing the cake for.  Pictures will be posted!

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