Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ow! aka P90X Week 1

Literally just completed the last workout in Week 1 of P90X.  Now many of you readers may recall that we've done the P90X 90 day program before.  We finished about 2 weeks before the wedding.  Once we got home from Jamaica... well, we'll just say there's a reason we are starting the cycle again...
Week 1 consists of:  Chest and Back + Ab Ripper, Plyometrics, Arms and Shoulders + Ab Ripper, Extreme Yoga, Legs and Back + Ab Ripper, Kenpo X.  The week completes with a rest day that can be substituted for the X Stretch workout. 
Already I feel thinner, leaner, stronger, healthier.  I don't have nearly the afternoon slump that I had been experiencing.  I really do feel the transformation happening.  I know that sounds cheesy and sickening.  It's really true.  I can't wait to be reminded of how it feels to complete month 1!
But back to week 1.  There were many days that I took the stairs a little slower.  Days that I walked a little stiffer.  And days that I didn't necessarily want to workout, but overall I think it was a successful week.  I am sore, but feel accomplished.
I've combined a list of my favorite things about Tony Horton and his crazy idea of fun, P90X:
Variety.  Every day it's something new.
Motivation.  Tony Horton is a complete cheese ball, but he really does a great job of keeping you motivated throughout the entire workout.
Fast Results.  Any workout that makes you feel like you are stronger and leaner instantly is a-ok in my book.
Achievable.  Each move has a variation that you can rely on early in the 90 days.  As you get stronger you can transition to the full move.
Feels good.  I'm not one those freaks that enjoys working out.  Every once in a blue moon I crave a workout, but this is definitely not the norm.  Each and every workout that Tony has you do makes you feel like a super hero upon completion.  Pretty sweet.  Now if only the workouts could be done with a cape on...
I am really excited to continue through this journey and will certainly chronicle the honest week by week results.  It'll be even more exciting to get some motivation from you!!  Leave some comment love and keep me moving!!

Here's to week two and trying to "DuBetter" with more reps and more weight as my body is ready!

(Tony Horton did not endorse this entry.  He doesn't even know I exist.)


  1. Congratulations on tackling this program again. Yes, Tony is very cheesy but its a great home workout. By the way, what Soup were you stirring? I'm a Boston Clam Chowda man. Looking forward to seeing your weekly updates.

    - Todd S.

  2. Thanks Todd!! WE love us some pot stirrers! I like to skip picking a soup and make fun of the people on the DVD that say "GERMAN POTATO SOUP and OKRA and GREEN BEAN." Freaks.
    That makes me sound horrible and mean. I'm not. But I do make fun of them everytime.