Sunday, October 31, 2010

Riddle me this...

Ok so I might as well come clean so as not to disappoint...
No riddles.  Just questions.  But I do encourage you to read on because I just know you will have some comment or criticism to offer.  I know it!
1.  To Wii or not to Wii?  That is the (first) question.  I finally got the hubs to say, "Fine, you want a Wii, go get a Wii.  Go now.  Don't wait.  If you don't go buy one now you will next month so just go."  I didn't though.  Hence the question of whether or not to Wii.  I am currently slapping my palm against my forehead.  "Dummy, he just endorsed going out and spending money frivolously and you are sitting here!"  But I am the queen of buyers remorse.  I had buyers remorse for almost 6 months after I bought a flat screen 19" (mind you) TV.  FREAK!  Needless to say, a Wii costs a wii bit more, hahaha.  Will we use it?  Will it get old quick.  Will it measure up to my exceedingly high expectations?  Ok don't answer that last one, but answer the others will you and put me out of my misery.  I am obsessed with the possibility of owning a Wii.  Help me.
2.  Why is it that I find it so impossible to get motivated to work out?  I already noticed a difference after week 1 of P90X.  I even feel better after each workout.  But the past 3 days it has been torture.  I'm still doing them though so stay tuned for Week 2 update coming later this week.
3.  Why do I keep forgetting to take "before" pics of projects that I do.  For instance, yesterday I finally recovered a foot stool that I bought for $8 at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  [Side note: This fellow Bostonian that I feel like maybe I was BFF's with in a past life love garage sale tales.  I've only technically hung out with him 1 time.  But I think that he would agree it feels like a whole big bunch more than that.  But seriously he loves second hand items.]  Ok but back to the foot stool.  It was pretty ugly, with it's maroony floral pattern fabric.  I felt compelled to funk it out.  Up it's funk factor if you will.  So while you have no before to compare it to, here is the ultra funky after....
3.  Why did I think I would like the Women's Lifestyle Show?  Don't get me wrong, Mama Smith was GREAT company, but 98.999% of the women at this thing were a new kind of crazy.  I got elbowed and bumped more at this show than I did in the front row at the Incubus concert.  For real.  Also, the politicians were in full effect!  With their kids peddling their fliers.  Trust me when I say that I did not come to a womens show to get shmoozed by our local politicians snakes.  Don't get me wrong, Mama Smith's company was great and it wasn't all for nothing.  It began with a rare sighting of the below and ended with a bloody mary.

4.  Why don't men understand the infinite wonders that can be found in a KitchenAid stand mixer?  I mean this thing is the cadillac of mixers!  And, come on ladies, how freakin sweet are all the attachments??!!
5.  Finally, I really enjoyed the sunset last night.  We were outside after the boys had a long day outside on the property.  Hubby rented a Bobcat for the day... (only got it stuck once).  Just look at all that color!  I really try to never take for granted the fact that I can look out my windows and see this everyday.  I love my life.

Cheers to enjoying each day.  Taking the good with the bad and constantly striving to DuBetter!


  1. #1--buyers remorse for a 19" TV--really? OMG--you and that fellow bostonian are more alike than you will ever know
    #2--Love the funk factor
    #3--Did you notice the pumpkin face on the end of the weiner mobile--very festive
    #4--Amen sista
    #5--very proud of your hubby--only got stuck once but did it require a call to the local towing company?

  2. The article was going so well, then you lost me right after foot stool.
    - Fellow Bostonian.

  3. Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home- let me know and I'll hook you up with games- the work outcomponent is great- and Dance dance Rev is a blast- great fun for young and old :)

  4. Yay for weiners and Bloody Mary's!!! Next year we drink a lot more Bloody Mary's BEFORE Crazy Women gathering!!!!!! I love you Bek bek.

  5. Oh and you must go read my blog too sis as I am a blogger. I got my inspiration from you. xoxo

  6. Hey aunt mo has a wii and we know she was never into video games. She has the work games and she does them everyday. Talk to her and that might help u make a decision.

  7. WHAT! Where'd that fabric on the stool come from? I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!

  8. Abby- I got that fabric at Hobby Lobby years ago to make a quilt for my little sis. Thanks for commenting! Nice to hear from an old friend (and roomie!)