Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have a Namaste!

Because I didn't have to teach yoga last night.  And because I had a tenderloin for lunch today.  Welcome to the first fitness post!  I really have to get back on the fitness train before I get run over by it.  Before the wedding I was all gung-ho with the P90-X and the jogging at the gym.  And then I got back from Jamaica. 
Whoa.  Can you say, "Screeching Halt?"
The only thing that I have maintained consistently is teaching yoga.  I teach twice a week at a small local (read: po dunk) park district.  I have about 8 attendees (up from 4 last year!). 
I asked that they do a survey a few months back to gauge their satisfaction with the style, challenge, and variety of the class.  The results were overwhelmingly positive.  These folks are GREAT!  They truly enjoy practicing yoga!  It's uber-refreshing.  I work full time and then 2 nights a week teach yoga to this group.  It makes for a long day, but their grateful and excited faces make it so worth it.
Yoga education time:
What is "Namaste"?
Namaste is a word that is used as a greeting or a salutation.  It is often used at the conclusion of a yoga class.  As attributed to Deepak Chopra, it means, "I honor the spirit in you, which is also in me."

Yoga can be practiced to achieve a variety of fitness goals, but is most beneficial when added to your normal fitness routine, which should include cardio and weight training.  For some, weight training is out of the question due to injury, illness, or age.  Yoga can be a great substitute because a yoga session is like a weight training session where you are using your body weight as the resistance.

So here, along with my shameless plug for my yoga class, are my Top 10 reasons to try yoga:
10.  Great way to unwind
9.  Improve your bodies ability to fend off illness.
8.  Increase flexibility.
7.  Restore range of motion (especially for heavy weight lifters and runners.)
6.  You get to sleep for the last 10 minutes of class.  (Only class I've ever taken where this is not only ok, but encouraged).
5.  Increase Strength.
4.  Reverse effects of Osteoporosis.
3.  Increase self- awareness.
2.  Boost self confidence.
1.  Find a healthy hobby that you feel good about committing to!

My Yoga class meets Monday and Wednesday from 7-8pm at the Butler Haynes Pavillion in Butler Haynes Park, Mapleton, IL. 

What is your favorite healthy activity?

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