Friday, October 15, 2010

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen....

... I sincerely hope that by now at least the vast majority of people who read that title are continuing with, "Ice is back with a brand new invention."
If you are not, please click here.  Educate yourself, then start at the title of this post again.
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I digress.
Last night after Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice I couldn't sleep.  I'm not at the stage of life where I roll over and read for a while, or fold some laundry or any other potentially productive tasks.  I channel surf.  This month the free preview channel is the DIY Network.  To quote Rachel Zoe, (from last month's free preview, Bravo Network) "I die."  Love the DIY network!
To my surprise/ delight/ shock/ fear/ wonderment Vanilla Ice has his own show.  Not "Behind the Music" on VHI, not "When I was 17" on MTV, but "The Vanilla Ice Project" on the DIY Network....
(insert blank line here to allow readers time to re-read that last sentence...)
Yes, you read right.  THE DIY NETWORK!  After watching 3 episodes of said Vanilla Ice Project I conclude that this guy has legit skills.  In addition to rapping, of course.  Don't be silly.
He knows an insane amount about palm trees.  I live in Illinois so this information doesn't do much for me personally, but I kind of love that he is knowledgeable. 
I also love that he looks the exact same as he did when Lauren and I were running around her house singing, "Ice, Ice, Baby too cold...."  Yeah roughly, 1.437 million years ago.
I'm glad he's back with a brand new invention.  I just hope he doesn't come even remotely close to copying someone elses' beats style.
In the spirit of DIY look forward to the next post containing some before and after indulgences.  It's gonna be great! 

Some more fun to look forward to in the coming week:
A weekend worth of pics from a motorcycle ride
A Sunday worth of cooking
Preparing for a party that I am planning, decorating, and baking for.

Hold onto your pants, people.  It's getting exciting!

Oh yeah and if you look just below the end of this post you will see a space that is blank.  That is a place where you, YES YOU, can leave comments.  Anything will do.  Comments about how witty and cute I am.  Comments about how cute Oscar is.  Comments on how fulfilled your life is after reading my pearls of wisdom... anything, really!
Have a great weekend!  (After you leave your comment)


  1. That Lauren chick seems really cool.

  2. LOVING your new blog Becky!!
    I'll have you know that I also LOVE DIY network -- and I totally watched that show last night too -- hilarious to think about, but I liked it! CRAZY! :) Keep the posts comin'!

  3. You are so witty and cute! Do you take requests? As in, can you write about _____ ?

  4. Of course Ill take requests. Unfortunately (for me) you asked this anonymously, so I can't make any promises!

  5. So, I hope you're referring to when Ice, in an interview in reference to Queen & Bowie's "Under Pressure," said:

    "No, theirs goes 'dun dun dun dunnununun,' and mine goes 'dun dun dun dunnununun tsh.'" Brilliant, that guy, for writing a completely new song.