Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello, World!

So, I am relatively new to the whole blogging thing... I read a few (that I love) and they have inspired me to start my own.  I think this will be a WONDERFUL way to keep friends and family posted of all the goings on at the DuBetter homestead.
For those of you who don't get it the 'DuBetter' monacre is a blend of my maiden name and married name... aren't we clever!?

Further, the DuBetter is kind of fitting considering the type of people that we are.  We are constantly striving to... yup, you guessed it... Do Better.  From our home, fitness, work, to cooking, playing and loving.  Always seeking improvement.  Blessing or curse?  Sometimes I wonder.

...Anywho, I find it appropriate to use this first post as an introductory post.
Who am I?
My name is Rebecca, you can call me Rebecca. Becky. Becca. Reba. Beeps. B. Bex. Or any other name that you think sounds similar to Rebecca.
That ever so handsome man in the above pic is the hubby, Jeff.
We got married in May of 2010.  It was excellent!
We live on acreage in the middle of IL with the boy of the house, Clayton.
We have a dog, Oscar, expect many posts about the trials and tribulations of being a weiner dog, and we have a semi- new cat, Bobby.

We bought our home a few years ago in a serious state of ugly.  Bit by bit we are stepping out of ugly to comfortable, country chic.  Doing may things ourselves will mean plenty of stories for you!  We'll get into that more at another time.  Other post topics will include, but not be limited to, recipes, time spent in the kitchen, landscaping, being the only human girl in a house full of boys, Projects around the house, DIY and otherwise, family funnies,etc. 
I hope to post several times per week, so be sure to check in often!  I can't wait to accumulate 'people' (not cool with thinking of you as "followers").

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  1. So I'm the very first commenter...and "people"...keep up the posts...